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GYRODROME Screensaver Description

GYRODROME Screensaver In Action

This conceptually simple but beautiful and modern animated screensaver will give you many hours of interesting and fascinating animation.

The corner stone of Gyrodrome Screensaver animation are few rings placed one inside another and rotating around all the three world axes as relatively to world as relatively to each other. These rings are located one inside another and doing their rotation relatively outer ring and the whole virtual world.

Another mobile element of virtual world on a screen is a camera. This camera is permanently looking to the rings observation point. It can fly around the rings along three directions – two of them are angles around the rings and third one is camera's own axis pointed towards to center of the animated world.

There are some light sources randomly distributed around the rings. These lights might be of various random colors and brightness. These lights create attractive highlights of all colors and gradations.

The last visible thing is background. It might be filled with flat color or, what is more interesting, a with a bitmap image in a form of spherical panorama. Five panorama images in normal and low resolution have been included into the distribution package. You can download high resolution package with these panoramas and other ones from free screensaver download. And, of course, you can choose your own image as background. The Gyrodrome supports images in BMP or JPEG formats. Supported sizes are 512x512, 1024x1024 and 2048x2048 pixels.

Another nice feature makes Gyrodrome Screensaver not only pretty screen saving utility and puts it out of the lots of casual animated screensavers. This is "on-screen-message" feature which will allow you to leave a text message on your screen when you are away from your computer. It is not visible normally, but if someone will move your mouse or touch your keyboard while animation is active, it will display your message instead of simply closing. Moreover, you may specify a time for which you plan to leave and create several shortcuts for quickly starting your screensaver in different situations.

As a sample of modern screen saving application, the Gyrodrome Screensaver fully supports multimonitor computer configurations. This means that if your PC has more than one monitor connected, Gyrodrome Screensaver will be capable of displaying its animation on all of your displays. You can also set resolution and color depth for each display, specify which of them should be blanked during full screen operation, and whether each active monitor should display same model or there should be several animations – one per active display.

GYRODROME has many settings and options you can change to tune animated screensaver parameters. If your PC is not powerful enough and animation is jerky, you may adjust performance settings to increase animation smoothness for the cost of decreased image quality. Default settings will provide a picture of very high quality, however.

You can choose how many lights there will be and how these lights should be colored. You will be able to set camera flying settings and rings rotation speed and randomness. There are up to 8 rings available for simultaneous animation. You will be able to change geometry and material properties for each ring or for group of them.

By enabling "on-screen-message" feature, you will be able to set a text to be displayed, a time for which you may leave your workplace and even minimum time which should be shown for the case when your return is delayed. Create as many shortcuts as you wish from settings window with a single button click. These shortcuts will allow you to start your animated screensaver with prefilled messages in different situations, like meeting or lunch, for example.

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System Requirements

CPU : Processor required

Central processor

Pentium II 300 MHz

RAM : System memory required

System memory

64 Megabytes

VGA : Video memory required

Graphics card

With 32 MB of memory

HDD : Hard disk space required

Hard disk drive

With 5 MB of free space

OS : Operating system supported

Operating system

Windows® 98™–XP™

OpenGL : Graphics Processor requirement


Compatible graphics card

We recommend a configuration based on the Intel Pentium-IV (or comparable AMD) processor, 128MB of RAM and nVidia GeForce or ATI Radeon graphics card with 64MB of video memory.

Additional information

Read online help for the Gyrodrome Screensaver. You may find it inside the installation package also.

Read End User License Agreement (EULA) for the Gyrodrome. You must be agreed with it before you will use it.

If you are looking for translation package or want make your own, you will find there the packages currently available and instructions on how to translate the user interface and help by yourself.

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Gyrodrome Screensaver Screenshots

Below are several screenshots taken from animated screensaver taken in full screen mode. Another shots were made from configuration window – you can see how flexible and simple the settings are.

Animated screensaver screenshot
Animated screensaver screenshot
Animated screensaver screenshot
Animated screensaver screenshot
Screensaver screenshot : message
Animated screensaver screenshot
Screensaver screenshot : settings
Screensaver screenshot : settings
Screensaver screenshot : settings
Screensaver screenshot : settings
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