Translating Gyrodrome Screensaver

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Localization instructions

You may help us to translate user interface and online help file. The reward for it will be a free full copy of the Gyrodrome Screensaver. It is included into Gyrodrome Screensaver text package noted below.

Translating this product is quite easy. First of all, you should translate a language file with interface elements named "english_locale.xml".

Partially, a locale file is shown below. Translate and change only red-marked items. Name a new file accordingly to language. Note, that language name must be written in English.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="windows-1252" ?>
<LOCALE language="English" helpfile="Gyrodrome Screensaver Help (English).chm">
<PAIR key="@10005">Automatic</PAIR>
<PAIR key="@10006">Display</PAIR>
<PAIR key="@10007">About</PAIR>

Another file that should be translated is "Gyrodrome Screensaver Help (English).chm" located in same directory. It contains online and context help. This file is compressed html code, so it will not be easy to decompile it. We packaged all text information which needs to be translated into single zip file. You will find it at

Contents of the file:

README.TXT Short information about the Gyrodrome Screensaver.
LICENSE.TXT End user license agreement.
ENGLISH_LOCALE.XML User interface language file.
CSHELP.TXT Context help topics file.
XXX.HTM Several help topic files.

After you translate these files, pack them into archive again and send it to We will do the rest to make a final language package. After we publish it, you will be able to review it. After publishing the package, you will be rewarded with a free registration code.


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